BACHAM Photonics Annual group building activities

Release time: 2022-01-01 08:00


December 31, at the occasion of bidding farewell to the old year and ringing in the new, in order to promote the company's corporate culture and spirit, show the changing and booming team style, enhance the team cooperation and cohesion of employees, BACHAM Photoelectric Technology Co., LTD, along with all the staff of the parent company, went to Minqing Qidai Hot Spring Resort to hold the 2021 annual group building activity with the theme of "Keeping integrity, innovation, Casting power and Constant yuan", in order to thank all the staff for their hard work in the past year.

After more than an hour's drive from the company, we arrived at the qidai Hot Spring Resort at around 9:30 in the morning. After a short rest, we immediately entered today's group construction activities. Under the command of the coach, the coach introduced the project of this expansion activity and explained the matters for attention such as safety. After simple warm-up chose team squads, captain, team, and determine the team slogan, everybody play ideas, twelve team name is multifarious, there are a brave man, wolves, and powerful team, the stars, OK, zero zero thickness, happiness, the speed of light, green hill, green water, have been vaccinated, I speak to the team.

First of all, the interactive game is promoted step by step. The rules of the game are stacked from bottom to top by the feet of each team member. Finally, the coach measures the final height of each team, and the higher one wins. This project is a great test of the physical strength and will of the participants, which requires all the members to work together, assist each other, support each other and cooperate with each other to complete this project!

Then, interactive game project the ball in the world, and the rules of the game players their catch prepared prints the corner of the map of the world, the picture with seven continents and several LvKong small hole, at the start of the game put the ball on the figure in the players control the ball from the starting location respectively under the pull of rolling after the names of the seven continents to return to the starting location holes, completion time KuaiZhe wins. This project requires the team members to have good psychological quality, courageous action ability and mutual cooperation, as well as the courage of the spirit to complete the expansion of the project.

An interactive game project is under force built towers, the rules of the game on a hook tied a few root leash, each player's hands holding at the end of a rope to control hook to hook on the ground of special building blocks, prepared ten blocks, put them lift built towers, each team eventually built tower is calculated after ten minutes layer, with the bulls wins! This project also requires team members to understand each other, tolerate each other, support each other and work closely with each other to complete successfully.

The last project is the tug of war competition, a whistle sounded, the players to take part in the effort to pull the thick rope, tenacious struggle, to win; The audience outside the flag-waving, cheering, cheering, applause, set off waves of climax. After half an hour of fierce competition, huhu Shengwei team won the tug-of-war champion.

Through this activity, not only enrich the spare time life of the majority of employees, cultivate the new employees' sense of trust and belonging to the company, relieve the tense working atmosphere, and let the team members experience the joy of success in the process of challenging themselves and surpassing themselves. With the spirit of "friendship first, competition second", all staff show their youthful and healthy mental outlook and enhance their cohesion, sense of honor and team spirit.

At 6:00 p.m., the exciting annual meeting and The Award for Excellence began. With the music booming, the emcees announced the awards and winners in turn: In the team construction activity, the winners won the First Runner-up team, 2021 Excellent Employee Award, 2021 Excellent Manager Award and 2021 Excellent Team Award with excellent performance. The winners were widely expected and received thunderous applause from the audience. In addition, the administration and human resources department also prepared birthday wishes and birthday cakes for employees on their December birthdays. In the scene of volunteers singing on stage in the sumptuous dinner started, wine, food, cup binged, everyone enjoy drinking, happy!

Near zero, we lit the bonfire, bonfire in the quiet night shining golden glory, gorgeous fireworks in the night sky has blossomed, suddenly, the square was brightly lit, bottles. No matter where you come from, men and women, young and old, rich and poor, all gathered at the beautiful Seven-fold Hot Spring Resort for the same dream, singing and dancing around the roaring bonfires to welcome the New Year. This moment time freeze frame, as if the whole world belongs to us!